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Renew the SCIM token from Apple Business Manager in Azure AD

Updated: Mar 12

Hello everyone! Renewing the SCIM token in Azure AD from Apple Business Manager is a straightforward process. These steps will guide you through the process confidently and efficiently.

What is SCIM and how does it work to sync users to ABM from Azure AD

An open standard named system for cross-domain identity management (SCIM) enables organizations to exchange user identity data between IT systems or identity domains without requiring manual intervention. SCIM is based on JSON and REST protocol that defines a client and server role. The identity provider or IDP is the client and a service provider is usually a SaaS Application, in our case Apple Business Manager is the SaaS application and Azure AD is the IDP

The database contains a complete set of user identities and additional details, such as permissions. It is important to understand that service providers are SaaS applications, which require a certain amount of information about their users. SCIM simplifies provisioning by automatically synchronizing changes in the IDP database with the service provider.

Accounts created, updated, or deleted on the IDP are simultaneously created, updated, or deleted on the service provider Additionally, the IDP can detect identities within the service provider and add them to its database. The system is also capable of identifying and alerting you if any incorrect values could compromise security. End users have correct, current profiles and permissions and can use applications without interruption.

Renewing the SCIM Token: Let's get started.

Step 1: Sign in to Apple business manager, provide the user name and password follow the multifactor authentication to complete the authentication.

Step 2: Tap on the admin user account option select Preferences and select Directory Sync

Step 3: Tap on Edit, this will give an option, and tap on Generate Token to generate a new token.

Copy the Token and Tenant URL, save this as a text file, and tap on close

Now you can see a new token is generated as a Token 3 tap on Done to complete

Step 4: Sign in to Microsoft Entra Portal and navigate to Enterprise applications under Applications select All applications search for Apple Business Manager and select the application

Tap on provisioning this will navigate you to the provisioning settings, tap on Edit Provisioning to update the token.

Step 5: Paste the Secret Token and Tenant URL which is copied from Step 3 from the Apple Business manager, if you would like to test the connection tap on the test connection which will show the status on the right-hand side top corner once completed tap on Save to update the new token in Azure AD or Microsoft Entra

Once completed the provisioning will continue to sync users from Azure AD to the Apple business manager


The purpose of this blog is to provide a clear explanation of the process and steps required to renew the SCIM token in Azure AD via Apple Business Manager.

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Thank you for such a clear and easy to follow process

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