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How to Renew Apple VPP Token in Intune

Hello Everyone, in this blog I will explain how to renew Apple VPP Token (Volume Purchase Program) in Intune.

What is a Volume Purchase Program or VPP?

With the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), IT admin can find, purchase, distribute, and manage apps and books in a simple, scalable manner and order world-class apps in large quantities for iPhones, iPads, and Macs. VPP program can be accessed using Apple Business Manager.

Even third-party developers can also build custom B2B apps for iOS specifically for your business through the VPP store and you can procure them privately. Enterprises can leverage Apple Volume Purchase Program (Apple VPP) for effective application management across Apple devices deployed for work.


Note: These prerequisites are only for renewing VPP token

  • Access to Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

  • Access to Apple Business Manager (ABM is free for organizations)

You can enroll your organization to ABM by following the below steps

Go to Apple Business Manager and tap on "Enroll now."

Enter the information for your organization, you need to know your D-U-N-S Number

To verify your enrollment information, Apple will contact your verification contact - typically a legal representative of your organization. When your enrollment is complete, you'll receive an email after your information is verified and your enrollment is approved.

Steps to Renew VPP Token

Step 1: Sign in to Apple business manager, provide the user name and password follow the multifactor authentication to complete the authentication.

Step 2: Select preferences by tapping on the account name from the left bottom, and select Payments and Billing to access the VPP token page.

Step 3: From the payments and billing page tap on download from the content token section to download a new token and save this token where you want to access it from

Step 4: Now sign in to Intune using and navigate to Tenant administration blade, tap on connectors and token

Step 5: This will navigate to the next page, and from there select Apple VPP Tokens, now you can see the existing tokens connected to Intune, and tap on the token that you want to renew.

Step 6: You can see the status, expiration date, last successful sync, token name, previously used Apple ID to download the token, and token location, tap on Edit next to basics to upload the new token.

Step 7: Tap on the browse option to add the new token which was downloaded in Step 3, navigate and select the new token from the saved location and tap on open.

Step 8: Now you can see the new token is selected and uploaded to complete the token renewal tap Review + Save, review the token, and tap on Save.

Once the new token is uploaded and saved you can see the expiration date had been changed to one year from the last updated date

Now Apps and books can be purchased and deployed to devices managed using Intune using the VPP program.


The purpose of this blog is to walk you through the process of updating/renewing your iOS Volume-Purchased Program Token in Intune.


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