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Connect Intune with Managed Google Play Account

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Hello Everyone in this blog I will guide how to connect your managed google play account in intune, first of all, why do we need this? you all might know that Android had officially depreciated Device Administration from Android 10 onwards concerning the changes Microsoft Intune had come up with four enrollment methods that support Android enterprise enrollment

  1. Android Enterprise Personally Owned Work Profile

  2. Android Enterprise Corporate Owned Work Profile

  3. Android Enterprise Fully Managed

  4. Android Enterprise Dedicated Device

For enrolling the Devices in any of the above enrollment profile your Intune tenant need to be connected to Managed Google Play account

Step1: Sign in to your Microsoft endpoint manager admin center select Devices from the left panel and select Android, this will take you to the Android device management page

Now you can see the four profiles which I had explained earlier are grayed out and this is expected. This will get enabled once intune is connected with Managed Google Play account.

Step 2: Select Android enrollment and click on Managed Google Play, this will take you to the page to connect your managed google play account

For now, you can see the status as disconnect, to connect the managed google play account with intune, select I Agree under "I grant Microsoft Permission to send both users and device information to Google" and select Launch Google to connect now.

Note: If you are using a custom intune admin role, access to this option required Organization to read and update permission

Step 3: A new page will open to connect with google enterprise Click on Sign in this page and it will take you to Google's sign-in page.

Enter the Google account that will be associated with all the enterprise management tasks for your Intune tenant. This will be the same account used to manage and publish apps in the Google Play console. You can use your existing account or create a new one and the account must not be associated with a G suite domain

It is not recommended to use your google account for this rather use your enterprise account for connecting Intune with google managed to play, the account needs to be shared with another person even if the current user leaves the company or moves to a different team

If you want to use your organization's email account created for android enterprise or your account you can select, Use my current email address instead

Provide all the necessary information to create the account, in my case I used an organization email address for example, and tapped on Next

You will receive a verification email with 6 digit code from Google

Enter the Code and tap on Next

Provide the information like a phone number to verify the account and tap on Next

You will receive a code on the provided phone number enter the code and tap on Vefiry

You can either Skip or Tap on Yes, I'm in

Accept the agreement by taping I agree

Now your account is created tap on continue to complete the registration

Once your account is signed in click on continue to the next page.

Step 4: Provide your company's name for Organization Name and for the Enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider Microsoft Intune should be displayed

Agree to the Android agreement and select Complete Registration

Once it's completed your Intune Tenant will be connected with Managed Google Play. and you can see the status as set up with a green tick and the registration date and account used to register.

You can see the four enrollment options are available now

Once Managed Google Play account is connected for android enrollment you can see four apps got assigned to your tenant from Managed Google Play Store App, Select Apps -> Android, and select Android Apps, you can see the apps under that. To assign the apps to the devices enrolled select the assignment group accordingly.


In this article, you learned how to establish a Managed Google Play connection to enroll Android Enterprise devices to Intune.

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