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How to Reset iPad Using iTunes in Recovery Mode

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Most of you know how to reset an iPad to a factory setting, but this blog focuses on specific use cases. It is common to see devices stuck during the migration of one MDM solution to another MDM solution. This is because the factory reset option is not enabled on the device since it's managed by the legacy MDM. Therefore, such devices will have trouble enrolling in the newly implemented MDM solution if it is not wiped or removed properly from the legacy MDM.

I had seen such use cases while migrating Kiosk devices from AirWatch to Intune, I observed that some devices were not removed or wiped properly from Airwatch, and these devices were unable to enroll in Intune because the devices had management profiles that prevented the device from being managed by Intune.

In these cases, we need to set the iPad to recovery mode by following the below steps to factory reset and enroll in the new MDM solution, because in Kiosk mode we won't be able to enter the settings page to factory reset the device or it might have disabled by Admin.


  1. Windows or Mac OS Laptop

  2. Make sure the latest Itunes installed

  3. Make sure the iPad has sufficient charge

Step 1: For an iPad with a Home button: Press and hold both the Home and the top (or side) buttons simultaneously. Keep the Ipad connected to your laptop

Keep holding the button (or buttons) until you see the recovery mode screen

Step 2: Open iTunes and locate your Ipad as highlighted in the below picture you can see a device icon in your iTunes

Step 3: Tap on the device icon this will open a page with options to restore the iPad you can see your device serial number to identify the device. Tap on the Restore iPad option

Select Restore and Update option to reset the iPad to factory reset. Once completed you can enroll the device in the MDM solution.

Step 4: Now iTunes will update and restore the device Tap on Next to continue.

Tap on Agree the accept the software agreement

iTunes will start to download the latest iOS version

Once the download is completed you can see the OS is extracted to Ipad and will restore the iPad with the latest Update

You can see a progress bar on your Ipad with an Apple Logo once it's completed the Device will be reset to a new device

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