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How to Create and Deploy an iOS/iPadOS Web Clip using Intune

Updated: Mar 12

In this article, I will show you how to create a web clip App in Intune for iOS/iPadOS devices. When you assign the web clip app to your devices, a shortcut to the web clip is added to the Home screen. Using the web clip app in Intune allows you to pin your preferred web apps to iOS or iPadOS devices. This is particularly beneficial for organizations seeking their users to access a specific weblink by adding the web app on their iOS/iPadOS devices. Before adding an app as a shortcut in Intune, make sure your iOS/iPadOS devices are enrolled in Intune.

Note : For iOS, new web clips will open in Microsoft Edge instead of the Intune Managed Browser when required to open in a protected browser. For older iOS web clips, you need to retarget them to ensure they open in Microsoft Edge rather than the Managed Browser.

Steps to add web app to Intune

Step 1: Log in to Microsoft Intune admin center navigate to Apps -> Select All apps and tap on Add

Step 2: Select the iOS/iPadOS Web clip from the app type drop-down list and tap on Select

Step 3: Enter the below details as required

Mandatory Fields

  • Name: Enter an application name, this will be the application name displayed on the device

  • Description: Please provide the description for the app. This description will be displayed to users in the company portal.

  • Publisher: Enter the name of the publisher of this app.

  • App URL: Enter the URL of the website that hosts the app that you want to assign

  • Require a managed browser to open this link: Choose this option to designate a web link or web application for your users, which they can access via the Intune-managed browser installed on their device.

  • Full Screen: If set to "Yes," the web clip launches as a full-screen web app without a browser.

  • Ignore manifest scope: If set to Yes, a full-screen web clip can go to an external website without displaying Safari UI. If set to No, the Safari UI will appear when navigating away from the web clip’s URL. This setting is available in iOS 14 and later.

  • Precomposed: If set to Yes, it prevents Apple's application launcher from adding "shine" to the icon.

  • Target application bundle identifier: The application bundle identifier that designates the app that will open the URL. Accessible in iOS 14 and beyond

  • Category: Select the appropriate category for the app from the list

  • Show this as a featured app in the Company Portal: If you want to show the app as a featured app in the company portal turn to Yes by default it will be No

  • Information URL: Link individuals to a website or documentation that contains further details about the application. The information URL will be visible to users in the Company Portal.

  • Privacy URL: Provide a link for users who want to learn more about the app's privacy settings and terms

  • Developer: Provide the name of the company or individual that developed the app

  • Owner: The name of the person from your organization who manages the application or license

  • Notes: Provide any additional details about the app

  • Logo: Add an icon suitable for the app, tap on Select image -> tap on the browse icon -> select the image select ok, and tap Next

Step 4: To add the application tap on Next

Step 5: Select a group or all users as required, in this example, I will be using a group, tap Select to add the group or users and tap Next to continue

Step 6: Verify the App configuration and select Create to complete the App creation.

Now the app is created and deployed


This blog post provides clear instructions for creating and deploying an iOS/iPadOS web clip with Intune.

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Hello, I'm encountering an issue where there Icon im using for the Company Portal is appearing too large when its deployed. Is there a method to ensure the icon size stays in ratio to the other iOS Apps?

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