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How to Manually Create Managed Apple IDs in Apple Business Manager

In this blog, I will take you through the steps to create a managed Apple ID manually

Managed Apple IDs are designed to provide access to certain Apple services, such as Shared iPad, iCloud, and Notes, and can be used on either dedicated or shared devices. They enable organizations to manage and control their employees' access to Apple services and related features efficiently. Managed Apple IDs in Apple Business Manager are owned by the organization and can be easily managed by administrators. This includes password resets and role-based administration. With Apple Business Manager, creating unique Managed Apple IDs for each person is a simple process. It allows organizations to have centralized control over user access and administration of Apple services.

There are multiple ways to create a managed Apple ID

  1. Use federated authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)

  2. Use the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) to import users from Azure AD

  3. Create accounts manually

Note : Each Managed Apple ID must be unique and cannot conflict with existing Apple IDs.

Step 1: Sign in to Apple business manager, provide the user name and password follow the multifactor authentication to complete the authentication.

Step 2: Tap on Users and select the Add Option

Step 3: Enter all the required details of the user and select Save to create the account

Step 4: Now the account is created tap on Create Sign-in to generate a temporary password and share the managed Apple ID and password with the user, you can either send the password as an email or create a downloadable PDF and CSV file and share the same with the user by taping the Download option and tap on Done.

Admin can delete a user account by taping Delete option and tap on Done once completed


The purpose of this blog post is to provide clear steps for manually creating a Managed Apple ID in Apple Business Manager

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