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Couldn't add your device, while enrolling an android enterprise device with a work profile to intune

Did you encounter this error when enrolling an android device with a work profile to Intune?

Couldn't add your device, while registering an android enterprise device with a work profile to intune, which restricts users enrolling android devices to Intune.

In the above video, an end-user device error is demonstrated in order to illustrate the concept. 

As part of troubleshooting, you can verify the status of Managed Google Play App Sync connector status under Connector status in Intune

How to check connector status in Intune

Sign in to the Endpoint manager Link, and navigate to Tenant Administration this will navigate you to the Tenant admin page tap on Connector status, and you can see the status of your connectors established in Intune

If you see the status of managed Google Play app sync as a warning as shown in the above picture verify the organization details by logging in to managed Google Play admin portal Link

If the organization is available you can see the details below

If the organization is not available you can see the below error

How to fix this Issue

To fix this issue we need to re-establish the Managed Google Play connection, but first, we need to disconnect the existing connection, but this will be challenging since this action required all android devices enrolled to intune as the work profiles need to be unenrolled first.

Disconnect Managed Google Play Connection

Step 1: Navigate to Tenant Administration and tap on Connector status, and select Managed Google Play Connection.

Step 2: This will take you to the Android enrollment page, tap on managed Google play and tap on disconnect, to disconnect the manage google play connector, if there are any android devices with a work profile available in intune you can see the below error.

An error occurred while unbinding managed google play. Please unenroll all android devices with work profile. 

You can access the Android enrollment page from Android under the device section as well.

Once this is disconnected the connection will get unbound and you can establish the connection using the same account or a new one. I would not recommend this until and unless you have no other means of fixing connector issues with Intune and the Managed Google Play Store.

As a result of my own experience, I have encountered two instances where the password for the account used to connect the managed Google Play Store and Intune has been forgotten or the employee no longer works for the organization and there are no additional admin or owner accounts added. In this case, the contact number and secondary recovery email address were not tagged with corporate ones, but rather those of the person who set up the account.

This can happen while planning the solution or at the time of actual configuration, we miss creating an account that can be shared among the admin or storing the account information in a secure vault, where the respective admin can access the account and password of the account when needed.

How to prevent this from happening

The following are some of my suggestions to prevent such issues which can be followed

  1. Create an enterprise account that can be shared among the admins, for example, this is all up to the admin on how the account should look, but the account shouldn't be a personal one, I had explained this in my blog Connect Intune with Managed Google Play Account, read through the blog to understand how to create an account and connect.

  2. Provide a corporate account as a recovery email, preferably a generic or shared mailbox this will allow users who have permission to the mailbox to receive the code while recovering the account or resetting the password, but this is all up to the organization or the admin to determine which account need to be provided as recovery email.

  3. Add an additional account as admin or owner to managed google play, how to add visit the blog How to add additional admin or owner to managed google play store


The purpose of this article is to explain the android enrollment error when the organization is deleted from managed google play and how to fix and prevent such issues.

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